Hiring a Wedding Officiant?
What to Look for When Hiring a Wedding Officiant

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Now comes the fun part of putting together a wedding. Sure, there are many vendors out there waiting anxiously for that phone call to set up a meeting to be interviewed with you. How do you know which Officiant to hire? You can certainly go and google them, read their reviews, if any, and contact them to meet face to face, but how do you really know if this person is going to be the best fit for you? In my many years of initially meeting couples, I always want to make the best impression since there are no make-ups for the interviewing process. Make sure you do your homework before meeting your Officiant. Just because they may be the cheapest in their pricing does not mean they will be the best fit for you. Ask to see samples of their work, make sure they are a good listener and don’t interrupt you when your speaking and see how enthusiastic they are when your explaining the things you would like to see in a ceremony. Many of my couples will put me on the spot and ask me to do a quick ceremony read for them while other couples may ask me to come up with original ideas for them to incorporate into their wedding scripts, which I do happily.

Remember, when choosing an Officiant, make sure they are upfront with their costs and have no hidden fees. Make sure they have a happy disposition. It is important to look for these characteristics as they are not only making a good impression on you, but the wedding ceremony should resonate with your audience as well.



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