Spring is almost here!
Spring is almost here!

Couples that have recently became engaged and will be getting married this year, have a lot to do to plan their perfect wedding day. Besides the venue, DJ, dress atire and invites, brides and grooms need to also select a wedding officant to marry them. Sure, there are plenty of wedding officiants in the area, but if your speding a lot of money for your perfect wedding day, why would you settle for someone that has no experience marrying people and can easily ruin that moment in life when you say your "I Do's." It is quite easy to obtain an online license to marry others, and you may think your saving money by doing this, but the sad truth is, that person may have no idea on how to write a customized wedding ceremony tailored to your needs or may be a poor speech performer. Many couples have friends and family members attend their wedding, but when asked, how many of these people will remember fondly your ceremony? When couples interview me for being their potential wedding officant, the first thing I ask them is if they remember their last wedding that they went to and if so, did they remember the ceremony at all? Most, if not all, can't remember the ceremony, just the food and the fun that they had.

When I meet with a couple, I go through all the parts of a ceremony and educate them on what things they need to make their ceremony successful. Many couples have ideas and some do not. My job is to come up with suggestions, rituals and creative and inspiring ways to make their wedding ceremony the best that it can be. Some couples want their love story incorporated into their ceremony, while others may want traditions, rituals or fun ways to make their ceremony memorable. My job is to create the best script that not only speaks to them but touches their heart making this the perfect wedding ceremony.



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