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Rehearsal Time

Every couple that I initially speak with either by phone or email, will ask me the same exact question which is; “What do I charge for the rehearsal?”

Every Officiant will certainly have a different answer to this question. In the many years that I have been performing a wedding rehearsal, I explain to these potential couples, that I can charge an additional fee on top of my wedding cost, but I can easily perform a wedding rehearsal one hour prior to the couple getting married for no additional fee. I typically do not need the bride and groom for this rehearsal time, only the bridal party. My rehearsal consists of placing the bridal party in their order that they will be coming down the aisle, showing them how to walk down the aisle and then showing them a few props that I will be doing during the beginning and ending of the ceremony.

I prefer doing the rehearsal on the day of the wedding as the bridal party is quite anxious and nervous that day so I am able to keep their attention span going for the short time that I am with them. If you compare this scenario to another day or evening to hold a rehearsal, there is always one bridal party member very late which holds up the time spent showing them what to do along with them joking around which delays the rehearsal process. What takes me ten minutes on the day of the wedding can result in almost two hours of wasted time showing them the same things on another day/night.

A potential couple will have the option to determine what the best choice for doing their rehearsal is. I would say that 95% of my wedding couples will opt for me to do the rehearsal on the day of the wedding.


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