My Wedding Emergency Kit
My Wedding Emergency Kit

For brides to be that don’t have a professional wedding planner, it is important to make sure you have all the wedding essentials needed for your big day. Many times when I get to the wedding venue, my brides are forever looking for items that they need to have in hand.

Here is a list that I put together of some of the important items to have with you. All the best on your special day!

  1. The Wedding License
  2. The props for the wedding ceremony (such as; unity candle, ribbons for hand fasting, sand, shovels etc.)
  3. Safety pins
  4. Hair brush and comb
  5. Make-up
  6. Hair Spray
  7. Aspirin and heartburn medicine
  8. Smelling salts
  9. Static cling or fabric sheets
  10. Tissues
  11. Eye make-up remover
  12. Scissors
  13. Cell phone
  14. Nail polish


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