Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Gazzola
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Gazzola

Congratulations to Stephanie Mendonca and her husband Gregory Gazzola for getting married this evening. I married this lovely couple at the Wilshire Grand Hotel located in West Orange, NJ. This hotel takes pride in recycling items for use such as tree-free toliet paper and paper towels. When I entered the venue, which also his a hotel attached to it, I was greeted by the wedding staff with a warm welcome. My bride and groom were given a wedding specialist to help them plan and design the perfect indoor wedding space. The hotel has gorgeous landscaped grounds and many ballrooms to serve several weddings at the same time. I did stay for cocktail hour which was very good. This is truly one of the few places that actually had tables to seat for all the guests and servers that catered to their entire crowd. Ask for Junior when you arrive and your sure to get a man who loves to smile and be very attentive.


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