Rituals & Traditions In Your Wedding
Incorporating Rituals And Traditions Into Your Wedding Ceremony

There are many times when I create a wedding ceremony script for a couple about to get married, I am asked if I could incorporate some traditions or rituals based upon the backgrounds of my couples. Many non-denominational couples come from different backgrounds and to come up with a way to create their rituals or traditions, sets the tone of the wedding ceremony. Not only do the parents, grand parents or step parents appreciate this sentiment, but they feel that this reflects their backgrounds and where they came from. Once hired by the bride and groom to be, I will prepare two sample ceremony scripts that will serve as examples of several rituals and traditions. I feel that the more options given to my couples, the easier it is for them to review, edit and comment. This editing by my couples certainly helps to build their final wedding script.

Many brides and grooms who hire their friends or a minister may not get this customized ceremony which I feel makes the difference between a boring wedding ceremony  and a ceremony that their audience and family members will remember for a life time.  When a couple spends a lot of money to have that perfect wedding, why would they want to skimp on a ceremony that is tailor made for them?



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