Emma and Jeff Pecoraro Wedding
Emma and Jeff Pecoraro Wedding - March 17, 2018

Congratulations to Emma and Jeff Pecoraro on their wedding yesterday afternoon held at the Madison Hotel in Morristown, NJ. For over a quarter century, the Madison Hotel has been in business. Everything about the Madison is grand. A clock tower rises above the front entrance. The mahogany mantel that's the focal point of the lobby is one of only a handful of such pieces by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The ornate bar near the ballroom was constructed from pieces of late-19th-century English pub bars. A 4,000-square-foot ballroom sports massive antique chandeliers.

The hotel restaurant, Rod's Steak and Seafood Grille, which preceded the hotel by 30 years, is likewise filled with antiques. The stained-glass skylight, purchased from a farmer in Pennsylvania and handcrafted more than 100 years ago, was originally part of the ceiling of a famous Pittsburgh bank. The chandelier was saved from the Elks Lodge in Elizabeth, N.J., just moments before the building was demolished, according to a printed hotel history. The antique stairwells that lead to the second floor were once part of the Beaver Estate at Beaver College (now known as Arcadia University). The mirrored buffet at the top of the main staircase was a soda fountain in Utica, N.Y. And, says the hotel literature, the jeweled glass panel next to the main bar "once graced the foyer of an infamous Denver, Colorado, house of ill repute."

My favorite pieces were the two antique parlor cars adjoining the main dining room. Believed to have been owned by department-store magnate John Wanamaker and legendary 19th-century financier Jay Gould, they've been restored and converted into a dining room. The Atrium, which was where the wedding was held, is breathtaking with its grand stair case coming down to a space that is glass enclosed. Many affluent guests that stayed at this hotel and it is filled with many antiques.



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