Emma and Chris Hart Wedding
Emma and Chris Hart Wedding - June 2, 2018

Yesterday evening, I performed a wedding ceremony over at the Indian Trail Country Club located in Franklin Lakes, NJ. My couple waited over three years to get a wedding date at this club and it was well worth it. The wedding was held outside and it overlooked a beautiful lake surrounded by trees and a wooded Forrest. I copied and pasted the history of this unique country club below and if you take a moment to visit their website (www.indiantrailclub.com) you can see all the amazing pictures for the place. The cocktail hour was unbelievable with its staff of over 20 serving fantastic food. In all of my years attending cocktail hours for the weddings I performed, this had to be the best! The bride's dad who is a Manager at the Carousal Cakes company located in Nanuet, NY, had her wedding cake designed there. For those of you that are not familiar with this bakery, this is one of Oprah Winfrey's favorite places known for their amazing red velvet cake along with all their other baked goods.    

A Place In History

From the days of early America, Franklin Lakes's history has been maintained for posterity. Travel back to pre-Colonial times when the Lenni Lenapi Indians hunted deer and bathed in the crystal clear waters of Franklin Lake. In the days of early America, circa 1700, there were thousands of acres of rolling woodlands surrounding Franklin Lake in the foothills of the Ramapo Mountains.

The water flowing out of Franklin Lake provided the power necessary for Bender’s Mill, which was used for grinding grain before and after the American Revolution. The mill was destroyed by fire in the late 1870s, but was eventually rebuilt for lumber and woodworking. After World War II the saw and lathe operations ceased, replaced by an apple cider press. The cider mill building eventually burned down, but the hay barn remains.

Over a half-century ago, a company called Urban Farms took that barn and made it the focal point of a family environment synonymous with excellence. Today it serves as the Main Clubhouse and the Indian Trail Club has become the center for family activities and events.

The founders of the Indian Trail Club envisioned a place where their family and their neighbors’ families could enjoy sports and recreation together, forging friendships and creating memories to last a lifetime.



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