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Northern, NJ Wedding Celebrant - Deb Walker Talks About What Celebrants Do

Today, as Brides and Grooms get ready to plan their big wedding day, they will need to determine who will be marrying them. There are many people out there such as; Priests, Rabbis, Ministers and Celebrants that are trained in different religions that can marry couples. I have seen many people go online and become ordained ministers just so that they can marry a friend. Sure, you can have a friend fulfill this role, but why would you want to spend thousands of dollars on your special wedding day only to have a friend, who has never married someone, take that responsibility? Does this friend understand how to file a marriage license, speak professionally amongst people, create ceremonies and understand the protocols that are needed when marrying someone? Probably not!

As a Wedding Celebrant, my time was well spent taking many specialized wedding and ceremony classes, understanding rituals and traditions of many religions, attending many weddings and writing many ceremonies in order to obtain my Life Cycle Celebrant degree. Many brides and grooms come to me when they are from two different religious backgrounds looking to get married and wanting a ceremony that will be custom made for them. Many of my brides and grooms are not religious but their families may feel that it is important to incorporate rituals and traditions into their ceremony. Celebrants initially meet with the wedding couple for 1-2 hours to determine what is needed to create their tailored ceremony. It is important to know the couple and understand their needs and wants along with suggesting ideas to put into their wedding ceremony script. Once hired, a Celebrant will create a memorable ceremony for the happy couple.

For those interested in becoming a Life Cycle Celebrant, please visit their website at: to find out more information on becoming a certified Celebrant.


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