Deb Can help Make your Ceremony Special

Traditional Wedding Ceremonies

Even the most creative couples have traditions. Whether you envision your wedding day in a church, a rustic barn, or a beachfront resort, your day can be a wonderful tribute to time-honored traditions and freshly created ones. Spiritual passages that mean something special to you. Poems. Symbolism. Music. The most important thing is that your wedding feels like you. Together, we’ll craft a day that feels uniquely like the magic that has become you.

LGBT / Civil Unions

Your love runs deep. Your wedding should reflect the joy, creativity, and strength that bring each of you to this life-changing event. I’ve proudly helped many couples – gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender – unveil their unique story and weave it into a moving, unforgettable ceremony. Not only have you found the love of your life, you’ve found a celebrant who relishes in deepening your experience for a lifetime.

Interfaith Wedding Celebrations

Now that you’ve found each other, I can help you find the meaningful balance of the traditions, history and spiritual symbolism that are significant to each of your families. We’ll pay tribute to the things that make you the individuals you are with a wedding that is important to you and those sharing your wedding day. I’ve helped couples entwine readings from Biblical scripture and Buddhist teachings. Spiritual symbols from Judaism to Taoism. Music from modern Christianity to ancient Islam. My goal is to help deepen this life experience for you with sensitivity, wisdom, and most importantly, love.

Renewal of Vows

Pay homage to your journey together. One of the most touching celebrations I help couples create is a vow renewal. Together, we’ll reflect on what the two of you have achieved with your love over the years. What brought the two of you together? From your first kiss to your first child to something funny you experienced last week. I will help you and your loved ones rejoice with a ceremony that celebrates memories and builds unforgettable new ones.



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